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Our History

The African School of Diplomacy and International Relations (ASDIR) is an international citadel of learning committed to academic excellence with a Pan African orientation offer in an environment that encourages personal initiative, creativity and curiosity. ASDIR in partnership with ESTAM University and European Business University enrol students in Undergraduate courses, Post-Graduate Diploma, Ph.D., Short Courses and Certificate Programmmes, Diploma to Advanced Diploma, Special Executive Classes, to Colleges and thereafter to Post-Graduates Diploma and Masters Program. All students study a common bilingual program ranging at all levels after which they have a choice between the rigorous and well-balanced professional fields.

The School was founded in late 2018 as one of the first international schools in Africa with a cut edge Diplomatic Advantage. The school is planned to have branches in all part of Africa but currently the functioning branch of the school is situated in Abuja, Nigeria

ASDIR is an opportunity for Africa to redefine its negotiation power as an equal partner in relations with other continents around the world in education development dealing. The school will also enhance Africa’s position in multilateral diplomacy which will lead to a clear definition of Africa’s collective and common interest. ASDIR will be known as an institution that stresses integrity, scholarship and excellence, and also modesty and simplicity of life.

The dimensions of learning at ASDIR is very robust to cover all spheres of human development including African History, Language, Culture, Humanities, Mathematics and Science, Aesthetics and Creativity, Leadership and Community Service, Extra Curricular Activities such as Community Service, Leadership Training and Mentorship, Music, Sports, Excursions, Local, Continental and International Exchange Programs and Tours. Students are expected to select from and participate in a wide range of activities offered. High achievers are also provided with gifted education and enrichment programmes. All our activities are designed to prepare our students for future leadership qualities with strong communication and interpersonal skills for global competitiveness within the international educational space.

Our Vision

To raise a generation of new leaders with the Pan-African Spirit, Tradition and commitment to achieving the Africa We Want

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our students with an international education and academic excellence embedded in diplomacy and international relations, which seeks to develop their full potential, respect for others, freedom of thought and expression, enjoyment of learning, proper attitudes and correct values, appreciation for African culture and diversity, foster understanding, community stewardship, and personal responsibility.

Our Board