Welcome to African School of Diplomacy and International Relations



The African School of Diplomacy and International Relations recognizes the importance of students and as such, it shall operate an academic student-centered organization. The school also recognizes that people are the greatest assets of an organization. It shall, therefore, develop a culture of participatory management and also develop an environment conducive to teaching and learning for staff and students. Education is a life-long process and modern education is multidisciplinary-based and multidimensional. The guiding philosophy of the School shall be integrity and respect for hard work. This philosophy shall permeate programs development in the proposed School.

As a core value, excellence shall play a prominent role in all activities of the School. As a philosophy, the School shall ensure excellence in its teaching, learning, training, research and community services.

Excellence shall also be assured in the way and manner that the School shall be supervised by its managers as well as in the way and manner graduates of the School shall be made to understand and appreciate their role as future leaders with great responsibilities in their hands.

The ethos of the School is the belief in hard work and the utilization of available resources to ensure the continuous training of Mankind and the exploitation of talents in the most productive and efficient manner. This calls for a careful balance between technology and management and this has influenced the selection of programs that shall be mounted by the School. The aim is also to instill this code of conduct in staff and students for life as builders and molders of society.